Bathroom TVs a Stylish Addition to any Home

Over the years people have come up with innovative ideas to give themselves the option to watch TV while in the bath. However, most of these early bathroom TV ideas did not work very well and where downright dangerous.

People have done everything for example risking electric shock by plugging their portable TV into a socket on the landing and putting it on a chair in the bathroom. Not only were they risking electrocution they also ruined their portable TV when condensation worked its way into the TV and broke it. Not to mention the lousy reception this solution gave.

Some people have even gone as far as cutting a hole in their bathroom wall and mounting a TV facing into the bathroom through the hole on the wall of the next door room. Many found switching channels next to impossible and that the screen misted up making the TV impossible to watch. On top of that when in the room next to the bathroom they found themselves having to stare at the back of a TV set.

Luckily, there is now a safe way to watch TV in your bathroom using a modern bathroom TV.

What A Modern Bathroom TV Is

Modern bathroom TVs look very much like any other TV. Except they have been specifically designed for use in the bathroom. They are waterproof, so that the condensation you find in a bathroom does not damage them. The screen does not mist up because it is heated. The remote control used to change channels is also designed for use in the bathroom they are waterproof too, so using them with damp hands is not a problem.

Your Choice of Bathroom TV

Which bathroom TV is right for you is dependant, in part, on the size of your bathroom.  They are available in many sizes, but the most common sizes are between 15 inches and 42 inches. You can even buy HD ready, widescreen TVs with built in Freeview. They can be mounted on the wall or be imbedded into a false wall to give a flush finish.