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An Overview of Dewalt Batteries

If you are lucky enough to own Dewalt tools, you will know how good they are. However, they only stay good if you maintain them and use genuine Dewalt batteries. Doing so will ensure that you get the most out of your power tools and that they will not let you down when you need them.

Your Battery is the Heart of Your Power Tools

Your battery is perhaps the most important part of your power tool. Without a good quality battery, your drill will not work efficiently. It will run out of power quickly and let you down repeatedly.

Why Using Cheap Batteries is a False Economy

Dewalt BatteryThe other problem with not using a genuine Dewalt battery is that you can actually end up damaging your drill. You need clean power without spikes or fluctuations for your drill to run efficiently and smoothly.

Cheap batteries do not always deliver enough power to keep the motor of your power tool working properly. This means that some components overwork and are subjected to unnecessary wear and tear.

That cheap Dewalt 18v battery you bought from a market trader for $20 less than you would pay online or in a hardware store for a genuine one can end up costing you a new drill. Buying and using cheap batteries will often work out more expensive in the end.

Normally, they are made from cheap materials. That means that they cannot be recharged as many times as a genuine Dewalt 20v max that is made from high quality materials.

This means that even a battery that works well can still turn out to be a false economy. You could end up having to buy two batteries in five years instead of just one simply because the materials used are such low quality.

What You Get When You Buy a Genuine Dewalt Battery

When you buy a genuine Dewalt battery, you get far more than a power tool battery that you can rely on. Dewalt is a great company that has been making power tools since 1936. In many countries, they are the construction tools of choice.

As you would expect you get a good warranty when you buy a proper Dewalt battery. Usually it is three years.

In addition, you get support from the company’s customer support team. You can email them with your questions or use the help section of their website to find the answer to any battery related questions you may have.

On the Dewalt website, you can find out how to get the most out of your battery. Below we have summarised some of the information to provide you with a quick reference point.

How Can I get the Most Out of my Dewalt Battery?

If you buy a genuine Dewalt battery, you will get good run time. Most models come with the option of buying a charging unit that will hold a spare battery. However, it is still a good idea to know how to charge and use the battery to get maximum run time out of it.

  • Always keep some charge – You should never allow your Dewalt XRP battery, or any other type of battery to discharge completely. As soon as you notice, the power in your drill or other power tool waning plug it in and charge it.


  • Completely discharging battery can damage the battery.


  • Keep the battery in the charger – keeping your Dewalt batteries in the charger makes sense from several points of view. It means that the battery will always be fully charged. They are designed to be kept in the charger so that your power tool is always ready when you need it.


Can I Improve the Runtime of my Dewalt XRP Battery?

Provided your battery is in good condition and has been properly used, you can potentially improve the runtime. To do this, follow the instructions below:


  • Use your power tool for a normal job up until it reaches the point where it needs charging. Do not hold the trigger to discharge, just use the tool as normal.


  • Next, leave the battery out of the charger for at least 2 hours.


  • Now charge the battery overnight.


Provided your battery was in good condition, to start with you should find that the run time has improved.

Tips for Buying Dewalt Batteries

Even if you look after your power tool batteries they will eventually lose their ability to hold their charge, so at some point you will need to buy a new Dewalt 8 or 16v battery. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you buy a genuine Dewalt battery without having to pay more for it than is necessary.


  • Read the reviews – If you buy online you can find out about any known issues by reading the reviews. Most of the time there are no issues, but it is a good way of establishing whether you are buying genuine Dewalt batteries. On trader sites, bad reviews are a sign that fake Dewlat batteries are being passed off as genuine ones.


  • Buy online – If you buy your batteries online you get the opportunity to shop around and find the best value for money.


  • Buy from a trusted source – Unfortunately, you have to be careful when buying power tool batteries. There are fakers out there who sell batteries made from cheap materials and try to pass them off as genuine Dewalt batteries. For this reason, you should only buy power tool batteries from trusted sources.

Follow our tips and tricks to get the most out of your existing power tool battery and to ensure that when you replace it you get a good quality one that will see you through another few years of home projects.