The Eight Stages of Pool Construction

Swimming Pool ScrewsIf you are having a pool built it is important to realize that the process will take time. When it comes to the building of inground pools, each stage is important. Here is an overview to help you to understand the process and to know what to expect.

Stage 1 – Design

The pool design stage is probably the most important. If this is done right, the pool should not only look good it will also function properly.

Stage 2 – Excavation

Perhaps the most drastic of the stages is the excavation of the site. At this stage, the hole for the pool is dug and any further landscaping is carried out. Trenches for the plumbing or any walls surrounding the site are normally also dug at this stage.

Stage 3 – Plumbing and Steel

Next, the plumbing is laid and the pump house is installed or built. At the same time, the pool hole is lined with a steel mesh, which reinforces the concrete the pool is made of. Sometimes the steel mesh for the decking or tiled area is also laid at this stage.

Stage 4 – Gunite

A special type of concrete, called gunite is sprayed over the steel mesh to form the sides and bottom of the pool.

Stage 5 – The Electrics

Once the gunite is dry, the electric to the pool can be turned on and any lights that have been installed can be tested.

Stage 6 – Tiling and Coping

If the pool has a coping edge that is installed at this stage. Usually the interior finish tiles are shown to the owner to double check that they are happy with the look before they are actually installed.

Stage 7 – The Deck and Landscaping

Pool landscaping, including the laying of the deck is normally completed next.

Stage 8 – Finishing off the interior

The last job is to tile the interior of the pool and fill it with water.

The entire process typically takes about two months, but some time can be saved if construction begins immediately the design stage is completed.