The Right Screws for the Job -Sliding Doors


As part of our home improvements series we are going to look today at sliding doors. They are not for every home, but they can be a good option. Here we help you to decide one way or another and include some tips to help you to buy and install the right type. Naturally included is some advice on the right screws for the job.

Are Sliding Folding Doors For Me?

Many people have heard of sliding or folding doors, but most people do not realise that you can now buy doors that combine the two characteristics i.e. sliding folding doors. They are a kind of door that has been around and in use in the US for some time, but they have only become popular in Europe in the past couple of decades.
Sliding folding doors are great for patios and look good in all homes, so are suitable for every homeowner. However, certain homes benefit more than others from using them.

The Advantages of Sliding Folding Doors

If you have limited space and furniture in front of your doors the fact that the doors slide is a great feature. This is because you do not need much space to open the doors, so do not have to move furniture out of the way and can continue to use all of your floor space inside your house and outside on your patio.

The folding element is a great advantage because on nice days you can bring the outside into your home. The fact that you can fold and slide the doors back into a corner means that you have effectively opened up a whole wall of your room to the garden area. It is like having a massive window that you can open up 100%. Folding sliding doors are also very safe there is none of the danger with traditional patio doors, which often get walked into or worse ran into by the kids.

Sliding Folding Doors Need Not be Expensive


When installing patio doors many people do not even consider sliding folding doors because they assume they are expensive. Years ago this would have been true when the only place you could buy them was your local glazier or double glazing installer. Now if you want to you can buy sliding folding doors on-line and install them yourself, which has meant they are now very affordable.

If you do buy your sliding folding doors on-line, be careful to buy those that come with a guarantee.

Installing your sliding doors


Installing sliding doors is something you can do yourself. It is not a difficult job but hanging the doors on the runner is best done with two people.


The key to getting the doors to work properly is to lay the runners properly. To do this you have to secure them to the floor and ceiling properly. It is important to use the right screws for the job. They need to be top quality screws that are long enough to hold the runner in place. It is important to use raw plugs for this job. Doing this ensures that the screws stay in place and the runners stay straight and flat.