Wall Washer Lights

Wall washers are turning out to be a very popular form of lighting. They are a relatively new type of lighting, which, as the name suggests, is designed to bathe or wash a wall in light.

Wall washer lighting

Using LED wall washers, you can really change the look and feel of any room. They work especially well in living rooms, but they are increasingly being used in dining rooms and bedrooms.

Gallery lights for the home

For decades, this form of lighting has been used in galleries and museums to bring a little drama to a space. Hotels use them to add a touch of luxury to their best rooms and you can use them in a similar way in your home.

Our stylish and elegant uplights cast a soft light that spreads out across the wall softening the surface and creating a gentle yet dramatic effect. These lights are the ideal way to highlight specific features of a room and to draw focus to specific points of a room.

Use wall washing to make a room appear larger

Wall washing also makes a room look and feel larger. This is because you are emphasising the vertical surfaces and drawing the eye to the far points of the room, which makes the room appear bigger. Wall washers literally add another visual dimension to a room. It is fantastic mood lighting, which you can switch on in an instant to turn an ordinary room into a sophisticated cocoon of luxury.

Regardless of the type of wall washers lighting you are looking for we can help. Our stock of wall washers is updated and replenished on a regular basis. We make it easy for you to find the best kind for your home or property. Our experienced lighting technicians are here to advice you about the best way to use this kind of lighting, and help you to find and buy the right kind of LED washers for your home or business.

The Right Screws for the Job

When installing any form of wall lights it is important to use the right screws for the job. You need the lighting to be secure. This is especially the case for lights that are installed behind a sofa or chair. The last thing you need is for the fixture to fall off the wall and hit somebody on the head.

You should use raw plugs to make sure the fixture is as secure as possible. Usually you will find suitable screws included with the uplights. However, if when you open the packet you are not happy with the length of the screws provided by the manufacturer, it is always a good idea to go out and buy some longer ones. It really is a case of better safe than sorry.