What is Bespoke Furniture?

bespoke furniture

Bespoke furniture pieces are tailor made. They are usually one off items that are made to a customer’s individual design and specifications. A piece of bespoke furniture may be a close copy of an existing piece of furniture or built from a drawn design. Sometimes, it is even possible to take photos of pieces of furniture you like and have a bespoke piece of furniture designed and drawn up into plans to match your tastes. Those plans are then used to build the piece of bespoke furniture.

Why Buy Bespoke Furniture?

Because they are tailor made bespoke furniture pieces are completed by hand, so they tend to be much better made than mass produced furniture.making furniture With bespoke furniture, you get exactly the piece of furniture you need to fit your home. There is no need to compromise on the style you want and you can have a piece of furniture made to fit any space. In most cases you get to choose the wood or materials your bespoke piece of furniture is made of and the finish that is applied to it, giving you total control over how it looks and what you need to do to maintain that piece of furniture.

Finding Someone to Make Your Bespoke Furniture


Until fairly recently the only way to find someone to make bespoke furniture was to find a local carpenter, ring them and visit them with your designs and ideas. The process was often quite long winded, time consuming and in many cases expensive, but now there is a faster and often cheaper alternative, which is to find a bespoke furniture specialist online.
Look for a company that specifically offers a bespoke furniture service and one that is well established. The years they have been in business the better. Make sure that they are contactable by both phone as well as e-mail so that you can discuss your needs properly and are easily contactable should there be any problems. Look for companies that include examples of their work so that you can get a feel for whether they are right for you.

Can’t Afford Bespoke Furniture?

Unfortunately, bespoke furniture can be expensive. Another option is to buy used furniture and restore it.

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This is not that hard to do. It is quite likely that you already have the necessary skills.
Start by buying a cheap piece of furniture to practice on. Rub it down and remove the finish. While it is in that state, fix any obvious issues. For example, replace any screws or nails and fill in any deep scratches or knocks. Also, check the screws and nails for signs of rust and replace any that are showing signs of corrosion.

It is important to use the right screws and nails for the job. You can either take a photo of the existing fastenings or as at your local DIY store for advice.

Once you are sure that the piece of furniture is solid, again it is time to re-finish or pain it. Buy good quality lacquers, paints or varnishes to do this. If you are not used to painting or spraying practice on scrap wood, that way when you apply the finish to your furniture it will look right.